The Basic Financial Statements

Accountants supply information to people both inside and outside the firm by issuing formal reports that are called financial statements. The financial statements are usually issued at least once a year. In many cases they are issued quarterly or more often where necessary. A set of rules, called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, govern the preparation … Read more

Who Uses Accounting Information?

In the world of business, accounting plays an important role to aid in making critical decisions. The more complex the decision, the more detailed the information must be. Individuals and companies need different kinds of information to make their business decisions. Let’s start with you as an individual. Why would you be interested in accounting? … Read more

What Is Accounting ? best definition

The purpose of accounting is to provide information that will help you make correct financial decisions. Your accountant’s job is to give you the information you need to run your business as efficiently as possible while maximizing profits and keeping costs low. Finding an Accountant: Hiring a professional and ethical accountant to aid in your … Read more