What Is Accounting ? best definition

The purpose of accounting is to provide information that will help you make correct financial decisions. Your accountant’s job is to give you the information you need to run your business as efficiently as possible while maximizing profits and keeping costs low.

what is accounting

Finding an Accountant: Hiring a professional and ethical accountant to aid in your business operations can be critical to the success of your company.

Meet with a few accountants before making a final choice so that you know your options and can select one whose experience and work style will be best suited to your needs and the needs of your business. Local chapters of your state societies of CPAs offer referral services that can help with this.

Accounting plays a role in businesses of all sizes. Your kids’ lemonade stand, a one-person business, and a multinational corporation all use the same basic accounting principles. Accounting is legislated; it affects your taxes; even the president plays a role in how accounting affects you. The list goes on and on.

Accounting is the language of business. It is the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing economic events through certain documents or financial statements. Like any other language, accounting has its own terms and rules. To understand how to interpret and use the information accounting provides, you must first understand this language.

Understanding the basic concepts of accounting is essential to success in business.

Different types of information furnished by accountants :

Type of information provided by Accountant:

• Information prepared exclusively by people within a company (managers, employees, or owners) for their own use.

• Financial information required by various government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

• General information about companies provided to people outside the firm such as investors, creditors, and labor unions.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping procedures and bookkeepers record and keep track of the business transactions that are later used to generate financial statements.

Most bookkeeping procedures have been systematized, and, in many cases, can be handled by computer programs. Bookkeeping is a very important part of the accounting process, but it is just the beginning.

There is currently no certification required to become a bookkeeper in the United States.

Accounting is the process of preparing and analyzing financial statements based on the transactions recorded through the bookkeeping process.

Accountants are usually professionals who have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and often have passed a professional examination, like the Certified Public Accountant Examination, the Certified Management Accountant Examination, or the Certified Fraud Auditor Examination.

Accounting goes beyond bookkeeping and the recording of economic information to include the summarizing and reporting of this information in a way that is meant to drive decision making within a business.